About Gifcoins

What is Gifcoins

Gifcoins is a tool to reward your colleagues for things they have done well. It shall be easy and motivating to use. Given and received Gifcoins are visible to your colleagues.

Why shall I use Gifcoins

Because it makes fun. It's fun to receive a compliment from a friend, and it's fun to give out a clap to your fellows.

With Gifcoins, the hidden daily heroes become visible to everyone.

With Gifcoins, you start being rewarded for all your small and awesome efforts.

Didn't you always want to award your colleague who helped you until late? And what about that guy who always brings you coffee? And those awesome kitten photos from your teammate?

Groups, Currencies and Gifts

You can create groups to reflect different organizations or teams that you work in. As a group admin, you can then invite collaborators. Every group has a currency and a defined number of coins to give every month. Once you have received enough coins from your peers, you can buy a predefined gift. We like to use lunches for that. Maybe you have some more ideas? Of course, you can be member (or admin) of different gropus.


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