Sincere appreciation increases motivation in the long run

Did someone help you with a difficult task, listen when it was especially important or make your life easier? Give them the recognition they deserve and let them know how much you have appreciated their input with a Gifcoin! Gifcoins is the virtual currency for recognition and appreciation.

Using Gifcoins is intuitive and very easy

Choose the person who has done something special for you - a team member, customer, supervisor or a friend. Give that person any number of your available coins and show them thereby how much you have appreciated what they did. The only thing you need to know is their email address and your Gifcoin is ready to be sent.

Start spreading good vibes this very moment

As soon as you have chosen the receiver of your Gifcoin and written your message, an automated email will be sent with your appreciation and the selected number of Gifcoins. Thanks to our integrations with workplace communication channels such as Slack (more will follow) your message will also be visible in your usual channels.

Sharing is caring

Gifcoins is designed for teams. All interactions are visible to all team members. This way, every Gifcoin sent does not only spread appreciation but also strengthens the group spirit and improves the company culture in general.

Want to get started right away?

Start by creating a new team and inviting your colleagues right now. If your team is already using Gifcoins, please ask your team administrator to invite you.

Frequently Asked Questions

The main goal of Gifcoins is to pass on recognition and to percept the deeds of others. Therefore Gifcoins have no monetary value. However for later versions we plan to unlock non-monetary incentives for certain actions - Psst! This is still top secret.

You can give multiple Gifcoins to a person for the same deed if it meant a lot to you. However, sending a Gifcoin should always remain something special. Consequently, make sure that you do not send the same message to several people. Is there anything nicer than an unexpected compliment at an unexpected time?

Of course! Whether we are talking about the facility manager, the cleaning lady or a particularly pleasant customer. All actions that inspire us can be an occasion to give away a Gifcoin.

Each month you have a certain number of coins at your disposal. When they are used up you have to wait until next month. With this limit we don't want to hinder you, but to increase the emotional value of one Gifcoin. Not everyone will receive a coin, so, when you send a coin to someone, that person will know that it means something special.

Yes. We do not share any data with third parties. Messages are only visible in the corresponding accounts and groups.

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