We have something big in mind

Our goal is unique, as we believe that both visible and inconspicuous heroic moments in everyday working life deserve due recognition - worldwide and in every workplace.


We have been using Gifcoins for many years now and it has been one of our favorite tools: We love to receive those little coins and messages of appreciation. So we decided to upgrade Gifcoins into a nifty public tool and make it available to everyone and enable honest and positive feedback among teams everywhere.


With Gifcoins, we want to make a valuable contribution to a positive working culture, to provide recognition as a part of everyday working life and thus to promote a positive working culture. We want to dedicate more time to the unmentioned heroes of everyday life, because they deserve it.

Team spirit

There is so much more to a team than a name or a job function. Celebrating successes and making it through difficult times together are among the many valuable moments that shape a team. In the spirit of Ubuntu, we believe that you are yourself only through the actions reflected on you by the people around.


A butterfly flapping its wings in Brazil can cause a tornado in Texas, they say. In this sense, we also want to achieve great things with Gifcoins, but of course in a positive way! Once the appreciation movement has started, it will change the work culture forever. Our goal is to use a sweet message and a dazzling little coin to set the stage for the beginning of unimagined change.

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