Everything started September 2020. Our beloved internal tool where we can send and receive positive messages is being sought to be to others what it is to us. We gathered together and thought about why we love Gifcoins so much and whether or not it can also bring other companies the same joy that it brings to us. At that very moment we decided to bring Gifcoins to you and help you to share honest and positive feedback among your peers.


With Gifcoins, we would like to make a valuable contribution to a positive work culture, give appreciation as part of everyday work a larger place and thus promote a positive work culture. We would like to dedicate more time to the unspoken heroes of everyday life, because they deserve it.

Team Spirit

There is so much more to a team than a name or a job function. Celebrating successes and getting together through difficult times are among the many formative moments that shape a team. In the spirit of Ubuntu, we believe that it is especially fun when all your comrades are a part of it.


As is well known, a butterfly wing at the right moment can ignite a whole whirlwind. Exactly the same principle works with appreciation. Once started, it can change a culture forever. Our goal is to use a sweet message and a dazzling little coin to set the stage for the beginning of unimagined change.